How to Save YouTube Video on Your Device for free

Are you trying to download and save YouTube videos on your Smartphone or Computer?

And, probably you can't find an easy way to download video from YouTube. Don't worry, I am here to help.

This article will show you how you can easily download or save YouTube videos on any device.

I will show you how you can download videos directly from YouTube, as well as saving the video with the help of external applications like VLC.

And, I will also share websites, which let you download YouTube videos without any extensions or applications, directly from your browser.

So, without wasting any more time, let's get into the details.

How to Save or Download YouTube Video on Your Devices for free

We all know that YouTube is an online video-sharing platform owned by Google, and during the last decade, YouTube has become the 2nd most popular search engine in the world.

Every day we spent hours watching videos from YouTube, but how can we download and save a video from YouTube. Yes, you can download videos in the YouTube app for offline uses.

But, what if you need the MP4 video file. Maybe you watched a video, and want to make a funny meme video from it. Maybe you need it for any other reason.

Don't worry, just follow any of the following methods for downloading YouTube videos.

Note: Downloading Copyrighted videos from YouTube and sharing them on other platforms without permission is illegal. Do not distribute any copyrighted video without permission.

How to Download YouTube videos without any Software

This method is pretty simple and works on any device. There are multiple YouTube video downloading websites available on the internet.

All you need to do is, just copy the YouTube video URL, and paste the URL into the video downloading website. You will see all available video quality options for download. Just click on download and save the video on your device.

This method works on any device, cause it only needs a browser to open the YouTube video downloading website.

You won't be able to download Private or Unlisted YouTube videos using this video.

If you are wondering what are those YouTube video downloading sites, then here are some popular websites:

SaveFromNet YouTube Downloader

SaveFromNet is a popular video downloading website, that lets download videos from YouTube, Facebook, and some other websites.

It has a special feature. If you simply put ss in the YouTube videos URL and enter the URL, it directly opens the website and shows download links. Confused? See the example below.

Original URL:


So, you can either use the shortcut method by adding ss before the URL or you can copy the YouTube URL, open the website and paste the URL there.

Y2Mate YouTube Downloader

Y2Mate is also popular as a YouTube video downloading website. It also has a shortcut like SaveFromNet.

If you enter pp after youtube (before .com) in the video URL, it opens the video downloading website and shows download links.

Original URL:


So, you can use Y2Mate for downloading YouTube videos as well.

Other YouTube Video Downloading website

There are some other popular websites, that help you to download YouTube videos like these two. Some of these sites are:

  • YTcutter
  • 9xBuddy
  • Snappea
  • Savido

How to Download YouTube videos on PC

There are several ways to download YouTube videos on your Laptop or Pc. You can use the websites mentioned above, or you can use the following method.

Save YouTube Videos using Download Helper Extension

For this method, you need to install the Download Helper extension in your browser.  Just follow these steps.

  • Visit the official website of Download Helper website from here.
  • Install the extension, in your browser. It has extensions available for Firefox, Chrome, and Edge, so install the extension in one of your browsers.
  • Open YouTube and Play the video.
  • Click on the extension icon.
  • Select the video quality and click on download.

That's it. This way you can download any YouTube videos without visiting any other websites.

How to Download YouTube Videos using Download Helper Extension

Download YouTube Video using VLC Player

You probably heard of the VLC Media player before, but do you know that you can also download YouTube videos using the VLC media player.

Just follow the below steps:

  • Copy URL from the YouTube Video.
  • Open the VLC Media Player.
  • Select Open Network Stream.
  • Paste URL and play the video.
  • Pause the video and go to Tools > Codec Information.
  • Copy the Location URL (temporary) from below.
  • Open your browser, and enter the URL.
  • Now, right-click on the video and save it.

You can watch the tutorial from the video given below.

How to Download YouTube videos in Mobile

You can download videos directly from the YouTube app, and watch them from YouTube Offline videos whenever you want.

But, if you want to download the video file, then you can either use YouTube video downloader websites (mentioned before), or You can install YouTube video downloader apps like TubeBuddy, SnapTube, etc.

So, it's up to you. I personally don't like installing extra applications on my phone.

Is it Illegal to Download YouTube Videos?

We discussed some ways for downloading YouTube videos, but there's one question that remains is whether it's legal or not.

If you check Youtube's Terms of Service, you will notice that it's not allowed. It's clearly mentioned, that

You are not allowed to access, reproduce, download, distribute, transmit, broadcast, display, sell, license, alter, modify, or otherwise use any part of the Service or any Content except (a) as expressly authorized by the Service; or (b) with prior written permission from YouTube and, if applicable, the respective rights holders;

But, it's also true that people download YouTube videos all the time. And all these websites and tools are available for a long time. As long as you're downloading a video for your own personal offline use, you're probably okay.

But, one thing is for sure, downloading YouTube videos results in fewer views on YouTube, so fewer earnings for creators.

So, it's better to share the YouTube video link directly. And if you really need the video file, then follow the above methods to save YouTube videos on your device.